Please upload your transcript when you got your "Average Score"!

Open for applications:Jan. 16(Mon.) ~ Feb. 5(Sun.) (23:59)

Application Guidebook :

Please read the guidebook before your application.

A. Application steps:

1. Log-in the online application system:

Account: student ID/ Password: the last 6 or 4 digits of your ARC or passport number (same as student portal system)

2. Fill in all your personal information and choose the right department and college. (if not, your application will not be reviewed)

3. Click the scholarship regulations, please refer to:

4. Print out the application form at the second page, sign your name and get your professor’s signature, then scan and upload it to the system.

5. Upload all the required documents.

6. Make sure you upload all the required documents then press the button “Preview and Submit”.


B. Application notes:

  1. Please submit the application form and all required documents before Feb. 5th (23:59), 2023. Overdue applications will not be accepted. Those who have not submitted the application form are not eligible for replenishment.
  2. 111-1 intake freshman students do not need to apply, your scholarship recipient period is 2022/9-2023/8, you will need to apply it around July, 2023.
  3. Current students have to apply scholarship every semester, the scholarship period you apply in this time is from 2023/3 to 2023/8. (6 months)


C. Notes for Ph.D. students:

  1. Proof of paper presented at an international conference: please upload your: a). Presentation Certificate, b). Paper or Abstract (includes author order) EXAMPLE  
  2. Proof of Paper accepted for publication or published in an international journal: please upload Your published paper or acceptance letter and paper draft, and highlight your name and corresponding author description. EXAMPLE 
  3. Please make a self-evaluation form. (download the form: ) EXAMPLE
  4. Please upload the journal information, please merge them if you published in more than 2 journals.  EXAMPLE 
  5. Please see examples here:


D. Scholarship regulations 

Old Regulation 2018

Old Regulation 2019

Old Regulation 2020


About regulations:

  • First Campus Old Regulation: only for 2017 entry First campus students.
  • Old Regulations 2018 Version: for students who had applied for old regulations at current semester.
  • Regulations 2019 Version: for students who had applied for new regulations at current semester.
  • New Regulations 2020 Version: students enrolled from 2020 Fall semester. 

Scholarship Payment : The scholarship specified in this Guidelines is a semester scholarship that is paid monthly. 


***The account ID and password are the same as  student portal system.


獎學金申請自2023年1月16日(一)至 2023年2月5日23:59(日)逾期系統關閉無法受理





開放申請: 2023/1/16(一)~2022/2/5(日)(23:59)

申請操作手冊:  (申請前請詳閱手冊)



  1. 登入獎學金申請系統:
  2. 填寫申請表,點選正確的科系及學院,選錯系院則無法審查。
  3. 點選你適用之獎學金辦法,請查閱
  4. 列印申請表,確認資料無誤後簽名及指導教授或導師簽名,完成後掃描上傳至系統。
  5. 上傳所有應備文件。
  6. 確認所有資料已上傳,點“送出申請”。



  1. 請於112年1月16 至2月5日(23:59)以前完成此申請表和完成上傳所有的應備文件,逾期件將不受理,亦無補件機會。
  2. 111-1學期入學的新生不需要提出申請,你們的受獎期間是2022/9-2023/8,續領申請時間約於2023年7月。
  3. 在校生需每學期提出申請,本次獎學金的申請月份為2023年3月至2023年8月(共6個月)。



  1. 上傳國際研討會證明者:請上傳a).已發表之國際研討會論文(摘要)、b).研討會發表證明。EXAMPLE 
  2. 上傳國際期刊論文者:請上傳已發表或已被接受發表之論文,並請標註自己的姓名及通訊作者說明處。 EXAMPLE 
  3. 請上傳獎學金申請自評表。(表格下載:
  4. 請上傳投稿期刊出版社資訊,二家以上請合併成一個檔案。EXAMPLE (
  5. 請參考範例:



***The review committee has limited time, please upload clear and complete information!


*These ANNOUNCEMENT are enacted in Chinese, which shall prevail in case of any discrepancy between the English translation and the Chinese original.